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The IPSC shooting is actively practiced in Bulgaria since 2003 when the first IPSC shooting clubs were founded and began to promote this attractive sport while training competitors, trainers and range officers and conducting competitions. In 2004 competitors and range officers from Bulgaria are already participating in IPSC competitions abroad while gathering more experience. The International Confederation IPSC has a complex method of evaluating the development of its member regions. In 2005 and in 2008 Bulgaria was declared by the IPSC to be the Most Improved Region in the world.

The Bulgarian Dynamic Shooting Federation (BDSF) unites and coordinates all of the IPSC shooting clubs in Bulgaria. The BDSF is a member of the International Confederation IPSC and is its sole representative for the region of Bulgaria. The headquarters of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (or IPSC) is located in Canada. Its official website is http://www.ipsc.org/. Bulgaria is currently one of more than 80 IPSC member regions in the world.